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PROPOSAL | Design in the suburbs

Next week Linda will be presenting a regional proposal to the Ministerial Regional Community Forum about the use of Carseldine QUT while teaching is in hiatus.

One of the elements of this proposal is to consider streaming some of the State Government’s proposed design centre and strategy activities and programs through the campus in the existing exhibition and presentation facilities. This may result in better engagement in the suburbs with ideas around design, architecture, urban space and environment.

A further possibility and rationale was revealed through the state government’s recent review of Smart State which has resulted in the establishment of a design strategy in Queensland that will fuse design expertise with other industries to increase economic and industry competitiveness. This could mean linking manufacturing and the design sector, as well as applying design thinking in interesting ways to drive economic development. The SEQ Regional Plan has identified the northern corridor as having potential for growth in the manufacturing sector, making the Carseldine campus ideally located to engage and develop new industry. Bearing in mind that there are very few and widely dispersed major economic centres along the northern corridor, compared to the southern and western, this would be a boon for sub-regional development. 

Presently, rumours abound about the proposed design centre and one of those is that it will be located in an existing cultural precinct or in Fortitude Valley. There are many publicly and privately owned design and craft outlets dotted throughout the inner city including Artisan’s outlet at 381 Brunswick Street. Setting up more of these might result in more exhibitions and small scale retail for bespoke objects, but how does it actually create links with industry?

The Ministerial Regional Community Forum focuses on opportunity, sustainability and livability across the whole Greater Brisbane region and this includes questioning the inner city centric mindset that creativity and diversity can’t be cultivated beyond the city walls. 


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