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CREATE | Transmission Lines 1955 – 1974

An online narrative and mapping project by Linda Carroli.

Transmission Lines 1955 – 1974 is a project that documents my father’s working life as a rigger and linesman with the Transfield subsidiary, Electric Power Transmission. My father kept a photographic record of his working life and the photographs featured in this map are his personal photographs from various electrification projects around Australia and Italy in the period 1955 to 1974.

This project reproduces documentation of my father’s working in the web environment which is increasingly becoming more open, social and accessible and provides new opportunities for everyone to create, participate in and share stories. Pieces of this work have been distributed around and through various online content sharing platforms such as photo sharing, social networking, mapping and others.

The project will be appearing in an upcoming exhibition at the State Library of Queensland titled, Freestyle Books. As a writer, I am always concerned with narrative and form. I enjoy the fragmented, the partial, the open and the incomplete. I am concerned with and explore the environments of publishing. In these explorations of publishing environments I am acutely aware of questions and propositions surrounding media specificity and remediation. While I am certainly not immune to the charm and lure of books, I am keen to ensure that our thinking about artist publishing and the sort of experimentation this enables does not end with the book.

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