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Arts Hub’s new column, Urbanista, will explore how emerging debates about ‘creative cities’ are shaping the development of Australian cities, towns and regions. The monthly column, due to commence in early 2008, is an initiative of Arts Hub and Brisbane-based cultural writer Linda Carroli.

The first instalment of Urbanista will present a profile of the work being undertaken by cultural and master planner John Montgomery at Brisbane’s South Bank. Montgomery’s work deals with the connections between city and city-region economies, place, urban design, and culture. His major projects include the Greater London Development Plan, the London Industrial Strategy, the Economic Development Strategy for the South East of England, developing the 24/7 city economy in the UK, developing the creative industries in London, Manchester, Dublin and Sheffield, master planning a new city in South East England and the design of the public realm in a number of cities. His recent book The New Wealth of Cities: City Dynamics and the Fifth Wave documents over 20 years of work in the field of creative economies.

Urbanista will be attentive to the rub of creativity and innovation in the urban environment including policy, planning, public space, design and architecture. It will capture and encourage new and diverse ways of thinking about growth and sustainability in our towns, regions and cities. Urbanista correspondent Linda Carroli said that it was vital to document and discuss the new wave of creative urbanism and opportunity.

“There’s been a proliferation of initiatives in ‘creative city’ style approaches nationally and Australian cities and towns are looking at how creativity is and can be inflected in their urban or built environments,” she said.

“I am keen to hear from people investigating and involved in these fields all over the country ­ as planners, designers, researchers, policy-makers, consultants, community members ­ who are creating meaningful new forms, have compelling stories to tell and have inspirational ideas to share.”

Linda Carroli is a cultural writer, editor, researcher and consultant. She has published and presented non-fiction globally as a journalist, essayist and critical writer focused on art, urban environments, culture and technology. Currently undertaking postgraduate studies in urban planning and design, she is the Principal of Harbinger Consulting working in the field of urban creativity, innovation and futures. She serves as Australian Network for Art & Technology’s Chair of the Board and is recipient of a Centenary Medal for ‘long and distinguished service in the arts’.

Urbanista – Linda Carroli


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