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SERVICE | Why writing matters

Lately, Harbinger has been marketing specialised writing and editing services to planning, consulting and design firms and practices. While literacy is now taken for granted, the fact is that not everyone can write in a compelling way that conveys the story. Harbinger’s Linda Carroli is not only an award winning writer with international publishing credits, she also has significant experience writing strategic plans for organisations and places.

If we leave the designing to the designers and the planning to the planners, why not leave the writing to the writers? Communicating complex, technical and visionary ideas is quite a different skill to marketing or copywriting. Writing, like design and planning, is a practice that needs constant work and honing. Through it, we can develop narratives and scenarios of place and community. We can more fully understand the nuances of animation and interactivity, so that we can better design and plan for it.

We also speculate that including writers in design and consultation teams can be enriching for everyone involved. If writing is about telling the story of a place or community in a compelling and engaging way, then there’s more to it than community consultation and images. Stories are about how people make sense of what’s happening around them, to them or in their locality. As planning and designing explore potential new scripts for a place or community, writers can certainly help chart the pathway to understanding and shared vision.


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