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The Ministerial Regional Community Forum process is a State Government initiative which provides Queenslanders with the opportunity to get involved in government decision-making processes. Like Community Cabinet, Ministerial Regional Community Forums are about providing Queenslanders with better access to Cabinet Ministers.

Forum members represent a broad cross-section of social, economic and environmental interests within their region. They are required to consult with their communities to identify, research and present proposals of regional significance directly to Cabinet Ministers. Linda Carroli is a member of the Greater Brisbane regional forum with a specific focus on Brisbane’s northside.

Forums provide regional communities with the mechanism to identify priority issues, needs and strategies and present them directly to State Government Ministers. Each forum is attended by Cabinet Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries who meet with regional representatives called Forum Members. The forum process provides a range of opportunities for Forum Members to raise regional issues or make comment. Forum Members can present a range of proposals designed to address priority regional needs. Cabinet Ministers can also use the forums to ask Forum Members for a regional perspective on government policies, programs and initiatives.

The Ministerial Regional Community Forum event is only one part of the overall process. Planning workshops, meetings and other activities may occur before and after forums. This enables more people to be involved in identifying issues and solutions.

Forums are coordinated by the Department of Communities and are held four times per year in each of the department’s ten regions.

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